Roller Coaster Life….

Just enjoy the ride…it’s in your hand to get scared and never ride on it or enjoy it and have the guts to face one of the adventures of your life..Life may pull you down but it will push you high up as well !

There is nothing wrong with having some bad days or luck not being in our favour . It’s just a moment and it will pass soon. All we need is PATIENCE.

The way I have dealt with such situations have helped me stay positive and focused so I will tell you some ways by which you might be able to feel better about life not being so unfair with you.

Patience is the lifesaving drug – Having patience is the best way to stay calmer. It means we are giving ourselves the time to get over the bad days or tough situations. Patience does taste bitter however the fruit which is the outcome will always be the best for us.

Focus on the bright side – Always look back and appreciate the achievements you had.  Focus on the people who have made you laugh and smile, the dog who cuddled with you, the baby who smiled at you, childhood crush who made you blush or some childhood memory of yours. Sometimes pleasure lies in the smallest of the things around us.

Indulge in fun things you are interested – Try to indulge in your hobbies, figure out what you like and love doing. Get that hobby alive and you will feel fulfilled and complete. It is going to make you happier. It will also develop your creative side. When we keep stressing on the bad or unhappy moments, our brain starts to become rusty and we start with negative thinking hence it is always better to keep ourselves busy and do something we enjoy.

Read success stories / movies or listen to motivational quotes –This one is my favourite. It gives me boost whenever I feel sad …some not so good days made me google some motivational quotes. READ THEM, you will feel satisfied that its just not you, but everyone have days like these however in the end they end up achieving the success. Failure is nothing but a step closer to success. When we read something positive, we think positive.

Exercise – Make it a habit, good day or bad day just make sure to get some physical activity. It’s a stress buster, makes you feel happy and clears your mind from all the negative thoughts.

Feel proud about yourself – Go and pamper yourself!! Head to a Salon and get yourself some glow. 🙂

Spread love and feel loved – Spread love by giving, help everyone…give food to stray animals, help some needy person, help your mom with household chores or simply sit with your friends and listen their stories and empathize with them, it will make you spread love and you will in return feel loved when others show love and faith in you.

Stay away from naggy people – JUST STAY AWAY from such people. They do nothing but only create negativity around us. Simply avoid or ignore them. We don’t want any one blocking our mind with too much negative thoughts

Celebrate every day – every day is a blessing, be thankful to GOD for giving us a life. He created us because he was sure we could handle the hardships which will come in our way. He knows we can hold the bars of the roller coaster tight and escape any fall 🙂


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