Everyone can have a real Best Friend!

​We all have friends…some old and some new…some really good and close ones and some  not so close buddies. With time passing by quickly and priorities setting above all of us , we lose touch and don’t talk or meet often…however you can still have a friend who would not betray you or leave you..who will be by yourside always through thick and thin…who would never lose faith in you..who would love you unconditionally..😊 
A Dog!!  The gurdian angel…a family with no blood relation…and a best buddy

I want to acknowledge the fact that a dog alone is a blessing with a big heart, to have faith in every one and expect nothing in return.

There are alot of helpless dogs which can be rescued and be adopted..
And there are the others who belong to some known breeds.

In India, there are so many street dogs. SERVING ANY ONE OF THEM WOULD MAKE YOU EARN A BEST FRIEND FOR LIFE… and you can be greedy for best friends and serve few or all of them 😀 well I fall in the latter category. I am little selfish… 🙂🙂 and biased towards dogs.

Let me give you the reasons why a dog can be your best friend:

1. They are the best play mates
– they will make you run after them and bring a better and fitter version of you out.

2. You have a friend to cuddle anytime and anywhere –
they are better than having a teddy bear who does not cuddle back and yes dogs love cuddling as much as we all love.

3. The warm welcome anywhere,any day and ny time –
No matter how far you go they will always remember you and give you the same warm welcome

4. It is only Love they understand –
They just need love and they will give you love in abundance

5. They know how to hear you –
  While you talk to them they will be good listeners and their innocence will make your heart melt. It is like n awwwww feeling.

6. Bad day? U definately will forget –
You forget about a hard day or sad moment instantly as soon as they come to you

7. No expectations –
They expect nothing in return except love

8. No complaints and no nagging – 
If you scold them they will still shower all their love on you. Also, they have a very short memory in terms of not remembering when and why scolded them.

9. Best secret keepers –
No one will be able to keep your secrets as secrets better than a dog

10. Good with your dramatic side and tantrums –
They bear with all your mood swings and still manage to keep their patience

It is an effort from my end to simply respect them. I owe a lot to them specially hundreads of dog friends that I made where ever I travelled. This is also dedicated to 2 of my lovely pets I have had in my life. Thank you for making my life so much more beautiful and fun when you guys have been there.

Guys just love them. They ain’t mean or selfish
 They don’t judge. They accept you the way you are with all your flaws. Adopt a rescued or foster a dog. Help them as we are too their best friends. They need us as much we as we need them.


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