If we are close..I will never be away!

This is for every person who is close to me be it family or friends

1. I am not perfect –
yes that is is true. No one is born perfect. It is our imperfections which lead to improve ourselves and learn alot more from our failures.

2. I will never lie to you –
if u mean something to me..trust me blindly. I will never ever hide anything from you.

3. I will never take you for granted –
I will leave no stone unturned to make things better between us. I will never leave you alone even when the whole world turn their back at you.

4. I will always be their to motivate you –
I will never let you fall and if you fall I will help you rise again.

5. Ego or revenge will never be my way –
if you don’t give me back as much I gave you… i will never complain. I will never bring these two between us because the day they came…our relationship will be spoiled forever.

6. I will always respect you in true sense –
respect for me means never disobeying you when you are correct. Respect for me means not proving you wrong when you right. Respect for me means when any one tries to let you down.. I will be standing with you against all odds.

7. I will never leave you alone –
This will never happen as long as exist…as long as our bond exist.

8. I will always try to bring a smile on ur face –
be it the bad ugly days.. I will always try to bring a smile on your face by cheering you up.

9. I will not let you face your hardships alone –
we will face them together and come to the best solution.

10. The love will never grow less  –
no matter how much we fight or argue…my love will never be less for you


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