A note from a Daughter to her Parents

Dear Mommy and Daddy,
I always felt what I am about to write but did not get a chance or a need to express until I got married. Just before my wedding a lot of thoughts came in mind and alot of memories came like a storm in my head which made me nostalgic that almost made my eyes wet and my heart sink.

Mom and Dad you both have given me the best of everything. You both have sacrificed a lot to give me the best education and moral values.

I want to thank you for many things which I never expressed before because everything was so within reach and may be yes I had taken you for granted. So here I am saying sorry and thank you for everything that I did not realise before until I was pushed to leave the house forever to accept some one new in my life.

Mom and Dad here I begin…

1. Thank you for all the sacrifices you both have done for me. The leisure time you could have, you invested it in making me learn my maths formulas or doing up my science project, from running after me so I can finish my food and from sitting up late with me to get my holiday homework completed to avoid scolding from the teacher.

2. Thank you for making my life easy – For giving me more than the basic needs. The luxuries you sacrificed to get us the best of everything.
3. Thank you Dad for spending more than your earnings just to ensure we had everything we wanted.

4. Thank you Mom for serving me delicious hot meals, doing up my laundry , cleaning my room and my mess and serving me everything on bed.

5. Thank you for letting me sleep for hours and not disturbing me until I woke up. Alarms did not exist then!!

6. Thank you Mom and Dad for always being there and supporting me in my ups and downs. Guiding me through the right and wrong. Helping me understand the cruel reality of this world and never leaving my side.

7. Thank you for being there when I was scared of the dark and you were beside me the entire night to comfort me.

8. Thank you for supporting every time and without fail uplifting my mood. For the times you both have motivated me to never give up.

9. I’m sorry for not spending much time with you sitting at home.

10. I’m sorry for being a stubborn child who always had her demands.

11. I’m sorry for being naggy at times or having mood swings.

12. I’m sorry for not realising about the efforts you both have put in to make my life so simple where everything was easily accessible.

13. I’m sorry for not thanking you enough when I was living under the same roof with you.

14. I’m sorry for not saying “I love you” to you often.

A PROMISE TO YOU BOTH – ” No matter how far I am now, I will always be there for you, to say sorry and love you. It is my turn now to pay back everything with interest and I will always and forever keep up to your expectations and never give you a chance to feel disspointed”


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