It is No Crime to be BLUNT!!

Being blunt or straight forward is not at all a bad idea. It requires alot of guts to even express or say what you feel about a person or a situation.
Some people are afraid to stand near such people who are bluntly honest as they fear that their weaknesses might come out or they do not like to hear a no or being rejected. Some do not like being suggested or taking anyone’s opinions.

But that is their problem right??

Why I feel you should be straight forward:

1. It makes you feel complete – you do not have anything to hide or supress.

2. It does not lead you somewhere where you do not want to go – knowing exactly what you want and expressing makes you 1 step closer

3. You are honest – it is easy to trust people who are open about their thought

4. You have a pure heart – you do no like to keep anything inside you which means your heart is pure .

5. You are not scared – it is totally fine to be expressive. You guys are not scared of giving ideas or opinions.

6. It is not always right to go by others way – it is easy for you to say a no when your heart says no.

7. You take a stand for yourself and people who are close to u – no matter what there is no looking back.

All this while I have seen it as well people get offended if you tell them they are wrong but they are the same people who get happy when you tell them they are right.

No one is happy with criticism however have respect for people who are outspoken , courageous and speak their heart out because they will always give you a chance to improve or motivate yourself. They will always give you an honest feedback be it bad which may rip you apart or good which may enhance the same quality in you. In the end, a day would come when you will look back and remember that whatever they actually said meant something.

Being blunt is not bad…it is not a is a sense of knowing that we are humans… if we have a voice then why not appreciate people who deserve it and make people aware as well where they might be wrong or just putting thoughts across.

Let the Ego be aside and not take over goodness that we are capable of seeing in others. Accept people who are expressive!! Respect them…


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