Break up with Stress !

We all have been in situations when stress completely takes over us. I have been a victim myself and trust me stress makes my whole life go upside down…it feels like ur unloved…or whatever you are doing is not right. It can be just anything. Anything from a break up to tough day at work, from personal problems to financial problems. 

What is stress?

It is nothing…honestly a term that has been their in our dictionary. Have you ever wondered when we were kids and did not complete our homework or scored less in our exam it did not bother us that much. I do not think we were even using this word called “Stress” as much we use it now. Since childhood we went through alot of problems but it did not bother us then.

I am only going to help you deal with it but it is in your hand what option you want to chose…live with stress or fight it..

We have a lot of common problems or situations which bother us and we end up stressing ourselves. I just have a simple one liner for it and may be that solves the purose of you love yourself enough to understand the depth of it.

  • Someone broke our heart – technically our heart is working all fine. It is just the addictive feeling that we are forced to let go. It is ok! We all have days like these…just remember there is something better for you. There must be a reason why it did not work and if it did not…great! You do not have to go through the same feeling again
  • Financial crisis – what would happen going into depression thinking about your bank balance being low and you aren’t capable of paying your bills. The simple solution is just stay calm and focussed and think of ways to improve your income by spending a little less on not so important things. Also try to find out various ways by which one can earn an extra amount. Trust me guys…not all days are same!
  • Relationship problems? – get a counselling or talk to your spouse. There is a way and it is upto you to figure it out. Talk! If you still feel you guys are not meant to be together then it is better to move out but that decision should make you happy and you need to be sure about it.
  • Academics? – pick the subject you hate the most. Start from the basic and understand the logics. You will be able to fall in love or at least start liking the subjects. The only thing is your logics need to be clear.
  • Friendships falling apart – we all have few friends who stay with us our entire life but if there is some friend do is more of mean and selfish to serve their own purpose then just stop entertaining them. You do not have to be available for everyone at all times.. give yourself some importance.

How to beat stress if your stressed out :

  1. Physical fitness is important  – any form of exercise for atleast 20 to 30 mins shall make you feel all fresh. Your mind body and soul starts getting rid of all the negative thoughts so it is important to make it a habit to workout.
  2. Be optimistic – start appreciating yourself. Acknowledge the fact that you are so much better than rest of the people around you. Know that you are at a better position that people who are facing far more difficulties.
  3. Help some one – this one is my favourite and effective in my case – i try to help atleast some one be it an animal or person 3 to 4 times in a week. This makes me feel complete in the sense that I respect other’s feelings and pain. It makes you feel so satisfied with your ownself. When you help some one then you feel good within. Try doing it and you will see your problems will look smaller than usual.
  4. Block your mind from negative people -yes just do not talk to people who only share their problems. They spread only negativity. Try sticking around positive thoughts and positive people.
  5. Acceptance – accept that few things ot situations can not change. Do not waste time and energy thinking about stuff you can not change. You will only end up draining yourself.
  6. Love and respect yourself – the most important person to you should be ‘You and yourself ‘. Love care and respect yourself. Think about yourself first. Ask yourself questions whether this entire thing I am stressing upon is going to serve any purpose. And you will get the answer. Make yourself the priority.
  7. Last laugh and spend time with your family – a family that sits and eats together will always be happy. No one is more close to you than your own family. Sit and share your day with them. Crack a few jokes.. smile and laugh a little. You will know you have everything a person needs and that is a loving family who cares for you!!

    I hope this post helps you all dealing with a bit of stress. I am not an expert but definately have experienced. Trust me guys stress is boringggg… are only consuming your time and energy. Let you control the mind and not mind control you. Tell your brain… it is enough…I am the boss ☺ 


    3 thoughts on “Break up with Stress !

    1. You’re 3 point help some one and 4th point block negative people is very much contradictory.
      In the 3rd point you told to help someone and respect their feeling and pain but in the 4th point you’re only emphasising to block the person who talk about their problems only.
      These two points just don’t add up. Remove the 4th point, I am ready to take 3rd one not the 4th one. If you help the person with their problems it eventually makes you happy (like you said). But if you blocked that person and their problem instead of helping you’ll only “Reap what you Sow”. Sooner or later somebody also block you or start avoiding you and you’ll end up more stressed or depressed.
      Just saying.


      1. Block the person means to not give emphasis on people who are always cribbing and nagging…because even they have everything they just end up cribbing. There are people who are mean and talk or bitches about others…thats what the 4th point really means…my earlier blogs have mentioned the same…so it comes from there…and yes we should always help when they need us….the humanity within should always be kept alive..


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